A Sophomore-Level Transition Course

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Mathematical Sciences (21) The Curricula for Sophomore Level Transition project focuses on the development of curricula for sophomore students transitioning to more advanced mathematics. This project adapts and implements practices of Project Intermath (DUE#:9555414) with components from Interdisciplinary Lively Applications Projects (DUE#:9455980) and Laboratory in Mathematical Experimentation (DUE#:9554646).

The project introduces applications of mathematics early in the undergraduate's college coursework. This early intervention allows students to explore, in more depth, the mathematical process, experience using advanced mathematical software, acquire experience in elementary proof techniques in an applied setting and improve the students background in preparation for higher level mathematics. The project engages students in gaining experiences in technology, exploring mathematical conjecture, applying mathematics to interdisciplinary settings, and in communicating the implications of mathematical models while introducing techniques of proof.

This project impacts students across disciplines including mathematics majors and non-majors as well as students in the secondary mathematics education major.

Effective start/end date15/07/0331/08/05


  • National Science Foundation: $52,217.00


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