Acquisition of a spinner magnetometer and ancillary paleomagnetic equipment at Montclair State University

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The proposal provides funding for the acquisition of basic paleomagnetic and rock magnetic equipment for the geology program at Montclair State University. The award provides funding to obtain an AGICO JR6 spinner magnetometer, a D-Tech alternating field demagnetizer, and ASC thermal demagnetizer, and an ASC impulse magnetizer. This equipment complements existing rock magnetic facilities at Montclair State University and is allowing the principal investigator and her students to conduct a full range of paleomagnetic and rock magnetic experiments on a variety of natural and experimentally produced samples, including studies of the carriers of magnetization that contribute to magnetic anomalies on Earth and Mars (including Antarctic dropstones and experiments of synthesized Martian basalts), as well as paired paleomagnetic and paleoclimate studies around the Antarctic margin aimed at assessing ocean-ice-sheet interactions during the late Pleistocene and Holocene. The award contributes to the development of research infrastructure at Montclair State University and the development of research partnerships with other organizations. The equipment complements existing laboratory instrumentation and is facilitating new undergraduate and graduate research projects. The new equipment is leading to the development of new courses in paleomagnetism and environmental magnetism, and is providing opportunities for outreach activities with middle school science teachers. Research conducted using the equipment obtained through this award are being disseminated at national and international geoscience society meetings (including the results of student research projects) and in the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Effective start/end date15/04/1031/03/12


  • National Science Foundation: $132,443.00


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