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The goal of Creativity in Mathematics and Science (CMS) is to develop and test an innovative model of instruction that highlights the role of creative thought in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and that engages students in thoughtful and creative approaches to scientific and mathematical practices. This project will (i) develop course modules on creative thinking for science and non-science majors, (ii) provide a two-year engaged student experience for CMS Scholars, (iii) conduct research on student achievement and changes to students' perceptions about STEM learning, and (iv) transfer the successful elements to local high schools and a community college. All elements of the CMS project are collaborative and interdisciplinary. For example, students will work in teams with mentors from multiple disciplines, and faculty members will collaborate with leaders from high schools, community colleges, and industry to develop, deliver, and transfer effective instructional practices. The project will to add to the literature on the role of creative instruction in effective undergraduate STEM education. CMS will encourage the rethinking of undergraduate STEM education by deliberately exposing students to the creative explorations that drive the STEM fields. The project will address the documented need to provide students with authentic learning experiences and to have them engage in activities that model the work of STEM professionals. Students will experience the natural creativity in STEM and become more science-literate citizens. The development, implementation, assessment, and refinement cycle will allow for the identification of the successful elements of the project, thus informing its adoption in other STEM disciplines and academic settings. The project and its outcomes will contribute to the research on teaching and learning in STEM by introducing new learning materials and teaching techniques, disseminating results of learning under this innovation, and generating evidence regarding the role of creativity as a motivator in undergraduate STEM education.>
Effective start/end date15/09/1631/08/19


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $50,000.00


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