Enhancement of Undergraduate Laboratory Instruction and Research in Biochemistry

  • Heller, Barbara A. (PI)
  • Roark, James (CoPI)
  • Gindt, Yvonne (CoPI)
  • Mosher, Michael (CoPI)

Project Details


The goal of this project is to give chemistry students laboratory and research experiences in modern biochemical techniques as part of a major initiative in biochemistry at the institution. A principal objective is the upgrading of instrumentation and experiments performed in the introductory biochemistry laboratory. A second objective is the improvement of physical chemistry and instrumental analysis. Courses are made more attractive as electives for students in the biochemistry track of our program by introducing experiments that use biochemical systems to explore chemical principles. Project equipment is also shared and by undergraduate students and faculty engaged in collaborative research. Overall, students receive unique experiences through this project and are expected publish as well as present results at scientific meetings.

Effective start/end date15/07/9630/06/98


  • National Science Foundation: $22,200.00


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