Going to Scale with High Quality Instructional Practice: Exploring Strategies in New Jersey's SSI

  • Firestone, William W. (PI)
  • Bulkley, Katrina (CoPI)
  • Camilli, Gregory (CoPI)
  • Schorr, Roberta R. (CoPI)

Project Details


The proposed study will focus on how SSI interventions contribute to improved teaching practice and effective measures for assessing teacher practice and its change over time. The three study questions are:

1. What methods can be used to validly assess teaching practice and its change over time?

2. How do reform activities resulting from district-center interaction lead to improvement in teaching practice when compared to typical practice?

3.What math and science reform activities do districts engage in as a result of involvement with SSI regional centers?

The study team will develop valid teacher survey strategies supported with observational and artifact data. Data will be collected from approximately 30-48 teachers; it is anticipated that this study will generate complete sets of instructional materials from approximately 20 math and 10 science lessons for each teacher. The data will be examined to identifying cross-cutting themes and to assess instructional dimensions such as multiple representation and deep learning.

Effective start/end date15/09/9931/08/03


  • National Science Foundation: $857,482.00


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