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The Paterson (NJ) / Montclair State University Strategic Prevention Framework - Partnerships for Success (SPF-PFS) Initiative seeks to develop and coordinate comprehensive, data-driven strategies focused on preventing the connection between alcohol - marijuana - opioid (heroin) use among underserved and at-risk African American and Hispanic youth (14-17) and young adults (18-29) in the city of Paterson, New Jersey, which is an economically disadvantaged and resource-poor urban community. This initiative intends to serve between 450 to 550 youth and young adults annually, with approximately 2,750 unduplicated at-risk adolescents and young adults being served over the five-year project period. The goals of the SPF-PFS grant program will be met by 1) increasing the capacity of the SPF-PFS preventive intervention sites to engage in evidence-based practices that will reduce alcohol, marijuana, and opioid misuse (heroin) among high-risk adolescents and young adults in the focal community; 2) decreasing the incidence of substance misuse with a focus on the connection between alcohol-marijuana-opioid (heroin) among racial and ethnic minority adolescents and young adults throughout Paterson; and 3) increasing service utilization and participation in substance use disorder treatment programs, and post-treatment/recovery support services to prevent relapse and to improve health-related outcomes among our target population. Measurable objectives to meet the goals mentioned above include: 1) expand the network of partnering agencies providing substance use screening and prevention interventions that incorporate culturally-tailored and linguistically appropriate evidence-based practices (EBPs) and post-treatment case management by 10% each project year; 2) increase access to and use of evidence-based prevention education among adolescents and young adults, reaching between 450 and 550 individuals annually, with approximately 2,750 unduplicated program participants being served over the five-year project period; and work in collaboration with substance use disorder treatment providers to deliver intensive case management services (e.g., links to resources, services, and supports) to an estimated 50 individuals on an annual basis - with a special focus on those at high risk for relapse, such as individuals who are not in stable housing, veterans, LGBTQ and/or reside in areas with high incidence of substance misuse. This project will be rigorously evaluated by using multiple methods and designs to assess process and outcome variables at different levels of analysis. Also, intensive efforts will be implemented at the inception of the project to plan and develop sustainability activities that will contribute to the permanent expansion of comprehensive substance misuse prevention programs in the Paterson community.

Effective start/end date1/01/20 → …


  • Center for Substance Abuse Prevention: $300,000.00


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