Mathematical Sciences Research Equipment 1991

  • Strawderman, William W. (PI)
  • Kemperman, Johannes J. (CoPI)
  • McDougall, Andrew (CoPI)
  • Vardi, Yehuda Y. (CoPI)
  • Cabrera, Javier J.F. (CoPI)

Project Details


The Statistics department at Rutgers University will purchase equipment which will be dedicated to the support research in Statistics and Statistical computing. The equipment will be used for several research projects, including in particular, Statistical Methods for Image analysis; Recursive Estimation procedures in Time Series; Statistical Tests through Tolerance Limits; and Applications of Symbolic Computations to Statistics. The equipment consists of 4 SUN Sparcstations SLC and one Sparcstation II linked to an existing server.

Effective start/end date1/07/9131/12/92


  • National Science Foundation: $22,386.00


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