MRI: Acquisition of a High-Resolution Atomic Force Microscope at Montclair State University

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This award is jointly supported by the Major Research Instrumentation and the Chemistry Research Instrumentation Programs. Montclair State University is acquiring a high-resolution atomic force microscope (AFM) to support the research of Professor Glen O'Neil and colleagues Il-Hyung Lee, Kent Leung, Amrita Sarkar, and Laying Wu. This instrument facilitates research in the areas of chemistry, biochemistry, physics, biology, and environmental science. AFM is a scanning probe technique whereby a sharp cantilever tip is scanned over a surface of interest in a raster pattern. AFM is a versatile technique that can provide nanoscale information about a surface including imaging topography, conductivity, intermolecular forces, as well as for surface patterning, nanoscale 3D printing, and beyond. This instrument enhances the educational, research, and teaching efforts of students at all levels in many departments as well as provides accessibility for use at nearby institutions. A diverse student population including first-generation, community college transfer, and underrepresented students leverages the instrument in their research and research training. The instrument also enhances educational opportunities through a nanoscience research course. The award of a high-resolution AFM is aimed at enhancing research and education at all levels, especially in areas that require nanoscale surface characterization with atomic-scale resolution, large (>50 micrometer) sample analysis, high temporal resolution, liquid sample handling and imaging, force spectroscopy, and nm-scale conductivity and electrochemical analysis. Research focuses on the spatial evaluation of a variety of samples relevant to chemistry, biochemistry, and physics. These include studies of light-activated semiconductor/metal electrodes. It also assists in the analysis of single cell mechanical properties and lipid-protein interactions with vesicles as well as in the development of a polymer coating for a cold neutron cell.This award reflects NSF's statutory mission and has been deemed worthy of support through evaluation using the Foundation's intellectual merit and broader impacts review criteria.
Effective start/end date1/09/2231/08/25


  • National Science Foundation: $209,650.00


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