To aid workshop on 'Dynamics of Inclusion in Public Archaeology,' 2010, African Burial Ground National Park, New York, NY

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The workshop consisted of one day devoted to the presentation and discussion of original papers, and a second day including a public lecture program on 'Archaeology and the Public New York.' The workshop brought together a diverse set of public archaeologists representing varied areas of scholarly interest, global locations, and professional positions to explore questions about the actual participation of the public in public archaeology projects. Scholars from both academic and non-academic professional positions contributed original papers discussing their recent experience and research in public archaeology. Papers considered research in Brazil, South Africa, England, Israel, Jordan, and the United States. Questions about the definition of communities, archaeological advocacy and activism, heritage law, public and youth education, the antiquities trade, and conflicts between archaeologists and community interests were considered. Discussion of the papers was very animated and productive, and all participants were thoroughly engaged. The public event -- dealing with controversial community history concerns -- had an overwhelming response, with members of the public needing to be turned away. Several audience members and presenters noted in discussion that the event was 'healing.'
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  • Wenner-Gren Foundation: $20,000.00


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