Developing Self-Awareness: Learning Processes for Self- and Interpersonal Growth

Manuel London, Valerie I. Sessa, Loren A. Shelley

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Self-awareness mdash how we see ourselves and the effects we have on our environment mdash influences our behavior and the type of person we want to become. This article examines recent research and areas of practice that address the meaning of self-awareness and how it develops over time. We build on extant comprehensive reviews of the literature to define self-awareness and its accuracy, measurement, and effects, including the dark side of being overly introspective. We offer a framework to integrate theory-based processes. We present the results of a literature search of educational interventions aimed at increasing mindfulness through reflection, feedback, and coaching. We conclude with calls for research and implications for practice in areas of measurement, tracking changes, interventions, and self in relation to others in areas of societal impact, self-presentation on digital media, and promoting self-awareness in relation to organization and team membership.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)261-288
Number of pages28
JournalAnnual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior
StatePublished - 23 Jan 2023


  • feedback
  • mindfulness
  • reflection
  • rumination
  • self-awareness
  • self-insight


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