Electric and magnetic anomalies at the charge-density-wave transition in niobium-substituted vanadium diselenides

Lynn F. Schneemeyer, M. J. Sienko

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A systematic study has been made of the effect of niobium substitution on the CDW transition in VSe2, especially in the low-doping region. Transitions were monitored by measurements of static magnetic susceptibility, which has been found to be particularly sensitive for both onset and lock-in discontinuities, and by measurements on resistivity and Hall effect. Results, discussed in terms of the model of Chan and Heine and in terms of McMillan's phenomenological model, suggest that structural changes due to the presence of the niobium dopant lead to enchanced electron-phonon coupling thus raising the CDW onset temperature.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)929-933
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids
Issue number9
StatePublished - 1980


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