Exploring mathematics outside the classroom through the field trip assignment

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This article describes the Field Trip Assignment, which was developed for a mathematics modeling course for prospective teachers. The objective of the assignment was to motivate students to make connections between mathematics and real-life phenomena while considering how to make those connections explicit to their future students. For the Field Trip Assignment, students designed a field trip that would be suitable for middle and high school mathematics courses. In groups of three, students chose a site, developed a project based on the site, conducted a test-run of the field trip, and shared their experiences with their peers. Through this assignment, students not only explored the applications of mathematics in various authentic settings, but also, as future teachers, they were exposed to the complexities of planning field trips. As part of the assignment, students posted their completed projects on Blackboard so that their peers could use them as resources when planning field trips for their future students.

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StatePublished - Jun 2005


  • Alternative assessment
  • Interdisciplinary assignments
  • Pedagogy
  • Teacher education


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