Fault-Tolerant Secure Routing of BHn -Based Data Center Networks

Xinxin Zhang, Li Xu, Aihua Li

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As the core infrastructure of cloud computing, a large scale of the data center networks (DCNs), which consist of millions of servers with high capacity, suffer from node failure such that the reliability is deteriorated. Malicious group could inevitably compromise the quality and reliability of data; thus, how to ensure the security routing of data is an urgent practical problem. As models for large-scale DCNs, it is worth mentioning the balanced hypercube, which is well-known for its strong connectivity, regularity, and a smaller diameter. Each of which makes a balanced hypercube a trustworthy model to deal with data traffic and provides a certain degree of fault-tolerance as well. In this paper, we use the balanced hypercube as a model for the data center networks and design a reliable safety level by referring to different safety levels of related subgraph. This subgraph contains the source and destination nodes, and the shortest feasible paths are located so that the reliable transmission is achieved. Then, we get that the length of fault-tolerant safety routing of data center networks based on balanced hypercube is always no greater than the Hamming distance plus two. Experiment shows that our fault-tolerant security routing scheme is more effective in the same reliable network environment of DCNs.

Original languageEnglish
Article number6723914
JournalSecurity and Communication Networks
StatePublished - 2021


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