Group support systems: Tools for HR decision making

James Yao, John Wang, Ruben Xing, June Lu

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Recently, many quantitative or qualitative techniques have been developed to support human resource management (HRM) activities, including Human Resource Information System (HRIS). More importantly, HRIS can include Expert System (ES), Decision Support System (DSS), and Executive Information System (EIS). As DSS and Group Support System (GSS) are able to facilitate human resources (HR) groups to gauge users' opinions, readiness, satisfaction, etc., increase their HRM activity quality, and generate better group collaborations and decision makings with current or planned HRIS services. Consequently, GSS can help HR professionals exploit and make smart use of soft data and act intelligently in their decision making process. This paper presents an in-depth discussion on what GSS is and how it works, which may shed some enlightenments to HR professionals on what grounds GSS can be integrated as part of HRIS and support HRM.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)400-409
Number of pages10
JournalCEUR Workshop Proceedings
StatePublished - 2010
Event3rd European Academic Workshop on Electronic Human Resource Management 2010, eHRM 2010 - Bamberg, Germany
Duration: 20 May 201021 May 2010


  • Decision support system (DSS)
  • Group decision support system (GDSS)
  • Group support system (GSS)
  • Human resource information system (HRIS)
  • Human resource management (HRM)
  • Human resources (HR)


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