Minimization of multiproduct fabrication cost featuring rework, commonality, external provider, and postponement

Peng Cheng Sung, Chia Ming Lai, Yunsen Wang, Yuan Shyi P. Chiu

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This study presents a multiproduct fabrication cost-minimization model featuring external providers, commonality, rework, and postponement in the supply chain environment. Customers’ requirements simultaneously emphasize quality, variety, and fast response time in current markets. To satisfy customer needs, most manufacturers in various industries (e.g., clothing, household goods, automotive, etc.) plan their multiproduct fabrication by incorporating a postponement strategy, rework process, and an outsourcing option. Motivated by the viewpoints above, this study offers a decision support system to address customers’ external expectations while optimizing internal operating expenses and machine utilization. We propose a single-machine, two-stage delayed differentiation system under a rotation cycle policy. All needed common parts are made in stage one, and stage two fabricates different end products. An external provider is hired to supply partially needed common parts to shorten uptime. The defective items are inevitably produced in both stages. They are categorized and reworked to maintain the desired product quality. Finally, we derive an optimal cost-minimization rotation cycle for our model and use a numerical example to investigate the collective and individual influences of reworking, postponement, and outsourcing to external providers on the multiproduct fabrication problem. In summary, this study can offer an optimization solution for production planning in various modern industries.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)353-364
Number of pages12
JournalUncertain Supply Chain Management
Issue number2
StatePublished - 2022


  • Commonality
  • External provider
  • Multiproduct fabrication
  • Postponement
  • Supply chain


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