Survey development for assessing correlates of young adolescents' eating

Amanda Birnbaum, Leslie A. Lytle, David M. Murray, Mary Story, Cheryl L. Perry, Kerri N. Boutelle

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Objective: To describe the development and psychometric testing of a survey to assess multiple influences on young adolescents' eating behaviors. Methods: A 204-item survey was piloted with middle-school students. We incorporated a broad view of determinants of eating behavior in an effort to expand the current field of predictors. Results: The survey was reduced to 147 items and administered to 3,878 students. Internal consistencies were generally >0.70. Test-retest reliabilities were 0.30-0.98, mostly >0.60. Conclusions: We estimated psychometric properties for a range of measures in a diverse sample. This is important as the increasing demand for outcomes-based research expands the need for psychometrically sound survey measures.


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Birnbaum, Amanda ; Lytle, Leslie A. ; Murray, David M. ; Story, Mary ; Perry, Cheryl L. ; Boutelle, Kerri N. / Survey development for assessing correlates of young adolescents' eating. In: American Journal of Health Behavior. 2002 ; Vol. 26, No. 4. pp. 284-295.