The Neural Correlates Of Depersonalization: A Disorder of Self-Awareness

Hedy Kober, Alysa Ray, Sukhvinder Obhi, Kevin Guise, Julian Paul Keenan

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This chapter examines depersonalization as it relates to the self. It addresses intriguing questions regarding the brain areas that are related to disturbed self-processing in this disorder, and attempts to find common ground among studies that differ widely in method and study populations. It first examines Keenan's right-hemisphere model of the self. This is followed by an examination of the early studies of depersonalization and the brain. Modern neuroimaging studies are then considered, including experiments using PET and fMRI imaging. The chapter then describes the treatment of a patient for depersonalization disorder using IMS.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe Lost Self
Subtitle of host publicationPathologies of the Brain and Identity
PublisherOxford University Press
ISBN (Electronic)9780199865758
ISBN (Print)0195173414, 9780195173413
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2005


  • Depersonalization disorder
  • Disturbed self-processing
  • Neuroimaging
  • Self


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