Undergraduate research: Genomics education partnership

D. Lopatto, C. Alvarez, D. Barnard, C. Chandrasekaran, H. M. Chung, C. Du, T. Eckdahl, A. L. Goodman, C. Hauser, C. J. Jones, O. R. Kopp, G. A. Kuleck, G. McNeil, R. Morris, J. L. Myka, A. Nagengast, P. J. Overvoorde, J. L. Poet, K. Reed, G. RegisfordD. Revie, A. Rosenwald, K. Saville, M. Shaw, G. R. Skuse, C. Smith, M. Smith, M. Spratt, J. Stamm, J. S. Thompson, B. A. Wilson, C. Witkowski, J. Youngblom, W. Leung, C. D. Shaffer, J. Buhler, E. Mardis, S. C.R. Elgin

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The Genomics Education Partnership offers an inclusive model for undergraduate research experiences, with students pooling their work to contribute to international databases.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)684-685
Number of pages2
Issue number5902
StatePublished - 31 Oct 2008


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